Be Well! and Thrive Program

Safe Structured Exercise Program Improves the Lives of Individuals with Disabilities

While I was living and working in the U.S., I helped to create Be Well! & Thrive, a 2-year old program of Easter Seals New Jersey, aimed at individuals with developmental disabilities and persons with special needs, and their families.

I am thrilled to be able to offer my skills and expertise, everything I learned to effect long-term positive lifestyle changes with health, nutrition, and exercise education to family and friends in a personalized manner. For more information: CONTACT >>

The Inclusive Exercise Program

Easter Seals New Jersey’s team of health and wellness professionals created Be Well! & Thrive, an ability appropriate, safe exercise program for individuals with developmental disabilities and special needs. Professional exercise instructors identified individuals facing obstacles related to their health like obesity or immobility and provided them with the educational tools to overcome them. After permission and medical clearance are obtained, pre-participation and post-participation assessments were performed to help track their progress.

Post-program assessments demonstrated that many of the Be Well! & Thrive participants showed improved weight or maintained body weight, improved or maintained body fat percentage, and/or improved posture and balance. Side effects experienced included increased self-confidence, mobility and independence.

My Involvement With The Program

I was introduced to Laura O’Reilly, Director of health and Wellness for Easter Seals New Jersey and got involved teaching Pilates to Special Populations. She told me of a trial Sit to Stand class they were developing and asked if I could offer some Pilates exercises for Core Strength.

As a member of the Health and Wellness team, we created the Be Well! & Thrive program of exercises for the IDD (Intellectually Diseased and Disabled) population. This population includes Adults with Autism, Down Syndrome, CP (Cerebral Palsy), and others who normally would not have access to gyms and health clubs.

As Master Exercise Instructor, I was responsible for training instructors as the program expanded throughout the Easter Seals NJ Centers. We offered membership to outside Gyms and Facilities and training their staff to better serve this population. Programs for Frail Seniors, Returning Veterans, and other specific populations were in the planning stages, as we look to expand our class training services.

Members of our classes (Easter Seal Consumers) who had participated for over a year had incredible gains. One non-verbal male who was diagnosed as Morbidly Obese gained mastery of sit to stand skills without the aid of an assistant. He now can stand, go to bathroom, shower, and move where he wants to independently. He can also pedal an ergonometer, which previously was impossible for him. He gained confidence and better motor control skills with every class.

I am well-versed in offering a program of exercises for the IDD (Intellectually Diseased and Disabled) population, including Adults with Autism, Down Syndrome, CP (Cerebral Palsy), and others who normally would not have access to gyms and health clubs.