I have the experience and expertise to teach Pilates for all levels and abilities  —  from Beginner to Advanced.

Pilates increases body strength and flexibility, lengthening and toning muscles. It can be used as a stand alone fitness programme or to supplement other workouts or fitness activities.

Upon our initial meeting I will ask that you complete a detailed Health Assessment outlining any existing injuries or conditions that I will use to modify your workout. In addition I will discuss your body and your specific fitness goals.

Private Lessons:

Pilates can be taught on an individual basis in a one-hour session, by using a variety of equipment designed by Joseph Pilates to increase body strength and flexibility.

Mat Classes:

I offer a 55-minute group class performed on a mat with a variety of small props (hand weights, physio balls, magic circles). I have the experience to accommodate multi-level abilities in any group Mat Class. Whether you are a Beginner level or an Advanced level, this class can be customized to your individual ability.

Specialized Classes:

I have created classes for Seniors with mobility challenges, so we work “Sit to Stand”, using chairs in place of mats on the floor. The Mat Class is adapted to suit the individual’s ability. This class is proven to increase mobility and balance in all daily life activities.

Special Needs Classes:

I also offer classes aimed at individuals with developmental disabilities and persons with special needs, and their families. The program’s goal is to effect long term positive lifestyle change with health, nutrition, and exercise education in a population where this is often neglected. READ MORE >>

For more information about class times and availability please contact me: 0473868863 or by EMAIL >>

Pilates can be used as a standalone fitness programme or to supplement other workouts or fitness activities