He found the root of the problem…

Clain Pilates has changed my life! I’ve suffered from debilitating back pain for 4 years. I have done physical therapy, acupuncture and have had cortisone epidurals injected directly into my spine. None of those treatments gave me lasting relief. Pilates has given me flexibility and most importantly pain relief in my back and legs. Clain takes such a personal interest in me that he was able to find the root of my problem. He did not just put me through the same exercise each time. He constantly adjusted my work out so that we could find the solution to my pain. I recommend Clain Pilates Plus to anyone suffering from pain. Scott Saltz

Clain made me feel so comfortable & unselfconscious…

I’ve seen some real and wonderful changes in the shape of my body (thank goodness) after having done mat Pilates with Clain for only 5 months. It’s an amazing workout, but you don’t have to kill yourself to get results.

Initially, I was very apprehensive about attending a class— with OTHER PEOPLE— and being so out of shape. But Clain and the other instructors made me feel so comfortable and unselfconscious. You go at your own pace, laugh at yourself and, before you know it, you’ve got it! Wendy P.

My spine is limber again…

I can’t recommend Clain of Clain’s Pilates Plus highly enough.  The work I have been doing with him has been fabulous!

At 58, years of accumulated little aches and pains had robbed me of my physical stamina.  Now, my spine is limber again.  I can climb the hill on South Orange Avenue, toward the reservation, with increased vigor — as friends and family members can attest.  So many people, in fact, ask me what I have been doing to lose so much weight. What is surprising is that I have not been dieting at all; my clothes size has dropped at least one size, if not two.

I warned Clain when I began that I needed to go slow. His patience, humor and enthusiasm in addition to the work itself has been nothing short of miraculous!

Even when I pulled muscles and hurt my shoulder while skiing, Clain helped me work through the injury. Thoughtful with an incredible depth of knowledge, Clain can adapt exercises around your health issues/problems.  If you are looking for a top notch Pilates instructor, who will really listen to you and fine tune a program for you, I highly recommend Clain. Mim-S